About Marketing and Stuff

Marketing and Stuff is a blog about making the most of B2B marketing in small to medium-sized businesses.

I started it because I believe there is a gap in information and help for marketers working in this area. While there are lots of e-books, guides and videos from various service providers which are brilliant for giving advice on best practice and explaining how B2B marketing should work, unfortunately they don’t cover the reality as many B2B marketers find it.

Let’s face it: the real world is messy, unpredictable and the standard templates usually don’t fit.

I’ll be writing about some of the challenges many in the B2B sector face – such as getting good data, long, often complex, buying cycles and, in some cases, juggling marketing with other roles.

About Me

I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years, for diverse organisations in a range of industries, and experienced a whole range of attitudes and approaches to marketing. I know how messy it can get, and also what a difference good marketing can make.

Needless to say, the ideas, thoughts and opinions in this blog are mine and do not represent those of my employer.

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